Preparing for our adventure

So we tried to visit as many friends/family and enjoy as many of our favorite foods as possible.

Eating at our favorite vegetarian restaurant in Flagstaff:

Macy's--the vegetarian restaurant--not the department store

Mother and son

Our favorite things

Last coffee at Macy's

Visiting with Family and Friends in Washington

My cousin Jacque and her boyfriend Decker treated us to an amazing dinner at the Crab pot. We had to get our fill of fresh seafood 😉

jaq decker

Jacque and Decker

Had some delicious Chinese food with Auntie Sam and Larry in Redmond.  Wish we could’ve stayed longer…

Auntie Sam and Charlie


Ziggy and me - he's pretending to be camera shy



Gloria and me



Breakfast at the Coastal Kitchen on Capitol Hill with Jen


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