The Last Year…Officially

We’re leaving Korea! I know many of you, family and friends, are probably saying finally! Lol. We’ve had many great times and made long-lasting friendships here, but the time has come for us to start our lives back home. We sure did not expect to spend four  years here, and although it seems like it’s a long time, we can honestly say that it went by quicker than we would have expected.

As the year winds down, I find myself going back to the very beginning and remembering all the great and frustrating experiences we had as newbies in Korea.

My sixth graders now, were just starting fourth grade when I began teaching them at this school. (I changed schools after my first year.) It amazes me how much they’ve grown and how they’ve changed into tiny adults already. I’m really going to miss this class the most; I feel like I’ve been here with them for so long.

Last week some of our middle school students came by to pay a visit to the school and one of them saw me in the hallway and blurted out, “Teacher! You’re so old…in this school!!” After I paused to think about what she must have meant I chuckled and said, “Yes! I’ve been here almost three years.”

I have mixed feelings about leaving Korea. We’ve become accustomed to life here. There’s so much we’re going to miss. However, I’m looking forward to going back home where there is no language barrier and where family is close by.

We can always come back, right?


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