Being Korean in Korea, but Not Really Korean

Such a poignant blog post about the challenges of looking Korean, but not speaking Korean…

Even though America is a “melting pot”, I still felt like I got different treatment than white people, especially when living in the south.  They are usually subtle, but occasionally blatant. After hearing “I bet your mom makes better Chinese food than what we have here” and “You’re Asian, can you figure out how to split this bill?” and “Neehao. I know some Chinese, I can finally practice” (after I said I’m not Chinese. True story) you’d want to escape from it, too. Occasionally, I poke fun of myself for being Asian; I don’t get offended if people make Asian jokes, but it can be distasteful.

“In Korea, I’ll blend in. I’ll finally fit in”, I thought. It couldn’t be further from the truth.


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