Blogging for the KTO K-performance Supporters

This month, I got accepted to the Korean Tourism Organization’s (KTO) K-Performance Supporters! This is a network of bloggers and social network users from around the world that are sponsored to watch live shows and then give reviews about the performances. I found out about the K-Performance Supporters last year when I attended the R-16 World B-Boy Championships. One of my friends had connections and invited us to sit at the second level with their group. I appreciated being able to sit down and watch the show because previously I was standing and not able to see much. Afterwards, we had to fill out a short survey about the performance.¬†

Via Twitter and Facebook I saw that they were recruiting and sent in my application. I think there are something like 120 members, and we will rotate in teams of 20, monitoring shows and posting about them. So far I’ve seen one show, “Kaboom” and met other supporters at the welcoming party.

Since this blog is about our life in Korea, I decided to keep my blogging for the KTO at a separate blog: Please be sure to follow and subscribe there to find out about the latest and greatest live performances in Korea. I’m still tweaking it a bit but I should have the first post out this week.


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