Another year…

Cheering on the Seahawks for SB48.

Cheering on the Seahawks for SB48.

The running joke of this blog is that it’s called: ‘A Seoulful Year’ or ‘The Year in Seoul.’ The idea was that we would only be gone one year and then go back to our normal lives. Here we are going on year four! Why? It’s better for us financially, we can travel, and possibly meet more of Mike’s birth family. Also, it’s just really easy (convenient) to live in Korea, especially Seoul.

Not gonna lie, the idea of staying another year was a bit daunting for me because it meant another year being away from family, holding off starting our own family, and because sometimes I miss being in a place where there are no language and cultural barriers.

Changes at school

It’s nice that I will be at my same school for (going on) three years, but even at my school, there are a some changes to get used to. I have a new co-teacher, for one, and he’s male. It’s my first time working with a male co-teacher so I’m interested to see how it goes. I have learned that the most important thing in a co-teaching relationship is communication. Not a great start but when we had our first class together, after discussing the lesson the previous day, he changed it at the last minute and I had to adapt on the fly. Typical Korea. But, I’m not complaining; our lessons have run smoothly since.

The nice thing is that my other co-teacher is the same co-teacher (Debbie) that I have worked with for the last two years. We have a much heavier load this year teaching grades 4-6, but we have enough of a system down that I’m hoping it will be a breeze. I have made efforts to become more organized, and will strive to be more professional and prepared before class. I’m not proud of this but last year, there were times when my (other) co-teacher and I came up with a lesson five minutes before class, usually because of scheduling changes. Yikes! Don’t want to do that anymore.

Anyway, high hopes for this last year *wink wink* in Seoul…


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