Smitten with Supporting Love146

Hooray, it’s finally happening! The momentum has begun.  I wrote about supporting Love 146 by making knit gifts for family and friends and then I waited for requests…nothing happened. That is, until this week when I posted a picture of a whimsical knit that I recently finished:

The Smitten

The smitten.

Suddenly, they are a hot commodity!

Also, how appropriate is it that the smitten is in the shape of a heart that two people wear holding hands? I love the symbolism.

Julie Weisenberger, the creator of the smitten pattern, gave me permission to use it as a gift to help this charitable cause.  Thank you, Julie, for your generosity. Be sure to check out her website at for other great patterns and knitting-related products.

If you would like a smitten, donate to Love 146, send me a message and I’ll get started. If possible, I would like to knit them from the yarn I have on hand, but I’m willing to get a particular color if requested.


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