Veg Restaurants in Seoul – Loving Hut

Lately I’ve been checking out what Seoul has to offer in the way of veg-friendly restaurants. Luckily I have non-veg friends who are willing to branch out with me. Here are my thoughts on the Loving Hut franchises in Seoul.

Loving Hut – Namseong

loving hutPhoto Jun 15, 8 08 11 PM

The place was really cozy and cute.   My friend and I ordered the cream pasta and the pan friend noodles. All I can say was “meh”. Actually, I was pretty upset with the poor quality of food. I’ve eaten at Loving Huts in Seattle and Phoenix and always left amazed at the quality and taste of the food. Here, not so much.

Pan fried noodles were a hit, although lacking in green veggies.

Pan fried noodles were a hit, although lacking in green veggies.

The cream pasta was disappointing. I could make better vegan pasta sauce at home. Just nasty.

loving hutPhoto Jun 15, 8 35 51 PM

I probably won’t make the trek out to this Loving Hut anytime soon. I’m sure the food is fine, it’s probably what we ordered, but yeah, I wasn’t impressed.

Loving Hut – Shinchon

The food at this Loving Hut was 10 times better!! Much fresher, and the restaurant seemed really bright and clean.

loving hutPhoto Jun 22, 2 15 39 PM

Gong Katsu (Soybean cutlet)



Chinese style sweet and sour veggies and mushrooms.

Chinese style sweet and sour veggies and mushrooms.

Mike and I enjoyed the food and would definitely go back if we’re in the area.

Loving Hut – Achasan

This is my favorite of the Loving Hut chains in Seoul. I also ate at the branch affiliated with the Loving Hut franchise called Ohsegaehyang in Insadong and the food was nearly the same, right down to the neon orange-pineapple-y sweet salad dressing.

Achasan Loving Hut

Achasan Loving Hut

The side dishes were really tasty and the mandu (fried dumplings) were really good!! We order them every time we go, which is pretty often because this branch is the closest to us.  The side dish with the soy sauce and green peppers to the left  Mike swears tastes like meat.

The Veg-friendly restaurant scene is actually growing a lot right now. Two or three new restaurants have popped up since June, that I know about. I think there’s more of an awareness happening about the health and environmental benefits of a Veg diet. Or, it could just be that it was always there but I’m just now finding out about it. Either way, I’m happy that there are more options for Veg diets than I initially thought.


2 thoughts on “Veg Restaurants in Seoul – Loving Hut

    • Good question! Not sure, but I think it easily could be. Not sure about the size of the Jewish community in Seoul but I’m sure there is one that would know all the good restaurants!

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