Healthy Eats in Seoul: A quest for juice

I love love LOVE the food in Seoul!! But, with my expanding waistline from unchecked indulgence over the last two years I figured it’s time to reign in a bit. With that, I’ve decided to–as much as possible–limit meat and dairy in our diet, much to Mike’s displeasure 😉  As you can imagine, it’s not an easy task.

I didn’t realize how spoiled I was in the States with places like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, New Frontiers, etc. The U.S. is a very veg-friendly place. In Korea, it’s possible to be veg; it’s just much harder.

Take fresh fruit and veggie juice for instance. It’s easy to find a juice stand here that will blend up some fruit for you and add sugar, and sometimes carbonated water. By the end of it, though, you’ve basically bought yourself a step up from fruit-flavored soda. Well, this weekend I was craving all natural, I-can-see-the-juicer-behind-the-counter veg and fruit combo-type juices. After a few false starts I finally found a place that offered honest to goodness delicious, all natural fruit and veg  juice!!

Cafe Able in Sinsa

This place was really cute and touted a “farm to table” philosophy. It was very cozy and the service was friendly. My only complaint was that my carrot apple kale juice cost as much as my salad, $9. Everything was delicious, though, and I can see myself coming back for  special occasions.

Photo Jun 08, 1 56 51 PM

Carrot apple kale juice

mike's idPhoto Jun 08, 1 50 12 PM

Bright cozy interior

Photo Jun 08, 1 43 19 PM

Country style with a scroll menu

Photo Jun 08, 2 31 15 PM

Salad and Bread $9

Later on that day we headed for the Han River to have an impromptu picnic with our friends. We were met with a happy surprise:

mike's idPhoto Jun 08, 4 41 44 PM

A Juice Truck!!

This juice truck had AMAZING juice! Half the price of my first juice that morning. I ordered their secret recipe South American Delight and it was incredibly good. I tasted some beet, orange, and pineapple. Not sure exactly what was in it though. The owners were extremely friendly and gave us a punch card. They even accept debit cards! I thought it was cute how they spelled vegetable “begetable” on their slogan. None of us had the heart to tell them.

South American Delight Juice

South American Delight Juice

These were my initial forays into healthful eating in Seoul. I found some interesting and helpful blogs and also joined the Seoul Veggie Club on Facebook. Eating veg has pushed me to cook more at home and now I bring lunches to school if I know that the main entree is meat-based. Cheers to healthy bodies, slimmer waistlines, and a healthier environment!

More restaurant reviews and cooking-related posts to come…


6 thoughts on “Healthy Eats in Seoul: A quest for juice

  1. Hi,
    I am Jay from Tropicana Juice Bar, Melbourne, Australia.
    If you meet the juice man, whose name is BK, could you please stop selling the South American Delight juice? He worked in our juice bar and went back to Korea. Jus found out he copied all the menu including our top secrete recipy, South American Delight. I’ve been running this bar for 12 years. We all could not belive he did this to us. We are disappointed. He copied every word of all the juices and smoothies we created. If you google ‘Tropicana Juice Bar’ or ‘South American Delight’ you will see us.

    • Hi Riley, I haven’t been in months but I think they park the truck at the entrance to the apgujeong Han River park area. At Apgujeong station go straight out exit 6 and turn right after about 5-10 minutes. (Coincidentally, if you turn left at this same intersection it will take you to garosugil.) The truck parks right before the entrance of the Han River Park.

      • Thanks so much! And no, not yet – I’m planning on going this weekend. Also I’ve got a friend who’s trying to get me in touch with a supposed “juice subscription” door-to-door service… Hopefully one of the three will pan out!

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