“Shake the dickens outta it” and skin a head of garlic in under 10 seconds

This is kind of a random reblog but I thought it would be appreciated. Hey, who doesn’t like cooking tips, right? Anyway, this goes along with my new (re)commitment to healthy fresh eating. No meat no dairy. Or at least, as little as possible. It’s tough in Korea to eat this way because most dishes have meat broth, fish or dairy, also, it’s tough finding substitutes for milk. You really have to work at it to find the health foods you’re used to getting at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s back home. I was thrilled when I found chia seeds yesterday at High Street Market in Itaewon. Oh yeah, it’s much easier to eat this way by cooking at home. We’ll see how it goes. I found this blog “Wholistic” and another one “Aliens Day Out” to be very helpful with finding resources for vegans/vegetarians. If you have tips on veg-friendly restaurants or recipes please share šŸ™‚


Seriously, this works, the fresher the garlic the quicker those skins come off ā€“ but you should be using the freshest shiz anyway.

I know I sound like a total pleb saying this, but has prepping food ever been this fun?

Used to get excited about skinning up, now Iā€™m all about getting those skins offā€¦

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