When you’re having fun…

Time seems to be flying. Here we are mid-May and I’m already thinking about what it will be like when we return home next year. These days, in those downtime moments while teaching, I find myself spacing off into the unknown. What will I do next year? How will I say goodbye to all of this? On the one hand, I can’t wait to start. On the other, I’m sure I will miss my life here.

I’ll admit that that I was in some sort of funk the past two months. There was a lot of adjustment going on but now I feel like I’ve hit my stride. Back on with running, really trying to enjoy and savor every last moment in Seoul. I really count myself lucky to be able to live in such a great city.

Last weekend, Mike and I were able to go to Busan to meet up with our brother-in-law. We were only there two days and one night but I think we showed him as much as we possibly could. It was his first time in Korea so naturally it was 24 hours of non-stop eating, shopping, drinking, and just hanging out. It was nice.

I think we want the remaining months to be like that; we want to get out of Seoul and check out the rest of South Korea. At the end of our time here we plan on taking a big trip throughout Southeast Asia and maybe even to Guam to visit family. Yes…these are the plans I make when I daydream in class. @.@

I hate to even go there but I will miss my students a lot!! Yesterday was Teacher’s Appreciation Day and I got some really thoughtful notes (we’re not really allowed to accept gifts) and drawings. When my co-teacher started translating what the kids wrote (in Korean, mostly) it was all I could do not to cry. I love my kids!! This year has been extremely special for me because I have been able to witness their growth as they moved up one grade. I can see the hormones already at work in my 6th graders who were super sweet in 5th grade and now just a tad moody. It makes me laugh.

I also appreciate how they so easily transform back into those sweet little kids again. I absolutely love this video of my 6th graders dancing and singing to a chant. Yes, these are 6th graders!!

The other day for our lesson on illness the students role-played as doctors and patients. They were having such a great time and were so creative with English I snapped a few shots. Enjoy!


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