About our neighbors to the north

First, thank you to our family and friends who have shown great concern for us here in Seoul. Just knowing that you are thinking of us as you go about your normal lives is really nice. I know that the situation sounds dire but just let me assure you that we are okay and that we are keeping abreast of the situation.

Mike and I are registered with the US Embassy and will receive any updates or emergency notifications through them. Lately, we’ve received nothing except the reassurance to go about business as usual. So, that’s what we’ve been doing.

I’ve asked my Korean co-workers what they think of the situation and if they are concerned. I’ve heard a mix of reactions. My main co-teacher said that she is not worried and that I should not be concerned since my country will fly me out if there really were a threat. She, on the other hand, would just have to ‘endure’. My other co-worker was a little surprised by how much news coverage there was by foreign press when in Korea there is not much in the news about the threats or analysis of the situation. I guess they are just used to it here.

I read somewhere that for N. Korea this is a pattern when they want something. Right now, they are bullying and threatening because they need aid due to the UN sanctions from February.

So there you have it. The Koreans aren’t worried so therefore Mike and I aren’t losing sleep over it. We are connected to the embassy just in case. In the meantime, please continue to keep us in prayer for safety and other stuff. Thanks! I think this meme I found captures the situation nicely.

Meme Poster

Other than that, we love hearing from all of you back home. What are your thoughts on the situation?


One thought on “About our neighbors to the north

  1. Well said Andrea – Love you guys much and just want you back safe and sound someday…..Mom

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