The hard part…

While Mike and I are excited about staying another year in Seoul, it’s been really tough for us because many of our friends are leaving or have left. We went through this a year ago when we said goodbye to our closest married couple friends, Sharon and Jason. They now have a cute baby girl and are happily settled in San Francisco. Even though, many times this year I wished so much that they were with us when we remembered a funny joke, or something happened that we knew would make them laugh. It’s just the way it goes.

This year I got really close with my friend, Michelle. She planned to be here for three years but has decided that her time here is over after two. I will miss my running buddy, Filipino market buddy, and blogging buddy so much!!

The great thing about living abroad is that you meet some amazing people. They broaden your horizons a bit more and you become a better person for it.

To all our friends leaving Seoul:

We are grateful to have met you and to have been a part of your journey. Good luck to you in your future endeavors. Hoping to see you again someday. Cheers!


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