Reasons we’re staying

Hard to believe that it was two years (to the day!) that we did not set foot again on American soil. Thankfully, we  got to see our family in Seattle for two short weeks in February. (Post coming soon.) I think of my family and how hard it has been being away from them. On the other hand I am grateful for this experience and looking forward to another year in Korea.

Some of the top reasons we decided to stay:

1. Getting to know Mike’s birth family

After the reunion with his Korean mom, I guess I sort of expected things to move along much faster with getting to know her and becoming an integral part of her life. Instead we got to see her once every couple of months for an afternoon, usually in secret when she would make a bus trip to Seoul. We also found out more of the circumstances that led her to give Mike up for adoption. She only recently has opened up about Mike’s dad and his family. We hope to meet the rest of Mike’s uncles/aunts, cousins, and bio-grandmother. Time will tell, I guess.

2. More ‘sploring t’do

Definitely have more travel to do within Korea and plans to explore southeast Asia while we’re in the neighborhood. It would be a shame not to!

3. I effing love my job

I don’t know why I avoided teaching like the plague. Throughout my life, many of my closest friends/mentors suggested that I look into it as a career but the thought terrified me. No way! I don’t want to be responsible for other people’s children. Look at me now…haha

4. Paying off debt

Living in Korea has allowed us to make a huge dent in the debt department. We’ll be paying off our car back in the states in just a month and also paying down student loans and misc credit cards. Yay!

It’s been weird being back ‘home’ in Seoul. I really enjoyed being in the states and being able to understand everything that was going on. No language barriers or cultural barriers. Nonetheless, Seoul seems right for us right now.


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