Like riding a bike…

In this case, ‘riding a bike’ is ‘working in retail’.

Last fall, one of my friends wanted to join a swap meet in Seoul for foreigners. I was in! She secured the booth and we brought all our stuff to sell. It was at the same place as the Nike Race in October, Gwanghwamun Square. It was cold and the season was turning chilly. .

Seoul Swap meetPhoto Nov 26, 11 37 16 PM

Our booth represented Canada,

where my friend is from. It’s funny because two out of the three of us are American. I enjoyed being Canadian for a day though. 😉

Seoul Swap meetPhoto Nov 26, 11 35 16 PM

Lattes? Check! Folding like a pro? Check! Name badges? Check!

Warming up with our Starbucks lattes in hand, we were ready to sell! I brought a bedroll, which my friend took off my hands, Mike’s basketball and backpack and a couple of hairdryers that I acquired. I didn’t have much to sell so I didn’t make that much, but it was a really fun experience to play shopkeeper for a day.

It’s strange how my retail training came flooding back. My first job out of college was as an Assistant Manager at a clothing store. The skills came in handy. We kept changing our booth and merchandise layouts, making different outfits to appeal to the customers, and clearly marking prices of our items. My friends were a bit shy of talking to customers at first whereas I would chat them up in Korean or English as soon as they showed interest in anything! I know enough to talk about prices and how much things are so that wasn’t too hard.

Seoul Swap meetPhoto Nov 26, 11 36 01 PM Seoul Swap meetPhoto Nov 26, 11 36 49 PM

The foreigner flea market was pretty neat. There was a foreigner section with people from all over the world selling their wares as well as a Korean section, food booths, music and entertainment. I heard these happen semi-annually so if there is another one I will probably do it again.


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