‘Twas a very Merry Christmas


…complete with baby Christmas tree, homemade eggnog, friends, games, and just hanging out.


Did we do gifts? Heck, yes!

Some of the creative gifts for the 10,000 won limit (about $10) white elephant gift exchange.

Different types of ramyun (ramen)!!

Different types of ramyun (ramen noodles)!!


Reusable microwave hand warmer and Jelly Belly candy dispenser

The white elephant gift exchange was pretty tame with no gift stealing. However there was a lot of gift trading going on. 😉 Through some trading, Mike ended up with the ramen noodles and couldn’t have been happier. I was tempted to steal Jerry’s handwarmer set but he seemed too attached. Hehe…

The Basketball Game


Seoul SK Knights VS Busan Sonic Boom. It was a fun game and nice to see everyone getting into the holiday spirit. At halftime they had these adorable little kids dancing a routine in little santa hats and red and white outfits. So cute! Anyway, Seoul won without much of a contest. Go Knights!



The movies and the games

We watched a bit of Die Hard (the first one) because I’d never seen it before. It was fun to laugh at the “new technology” of of the 80s like the touchscreen computer. Also the 80’s hair was awesome, too. Somehow we also managed to watch Pitch Perfect as well as What to Expect When You’re Expecting (I know, it’s the same title as the book), but both are hilarious comedies.

The night (or early next morning rather) ended with fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies and a few rounds of the dice game, Farkle. Fun stuff.

That was our Seoul Christmas! I hope you all had the chance to spend it with loved ones.



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