Merry Christmas Eve!

I was doing some holiday shopping with a friend today at the COEX mall. On my way home I got stuck in this holiday subway rush on line 2. Here we all are after entering the station, before walking downstairs to the platform.


Crazy, huh? Guess I’m not the only one doing last minute gift shopping. 😀

Well, wishing everyone a Merry Merry Christmas!! We miss you, family and friends!!  We do feel blessed, however, that we will be sharing our Christmas with close friends tomorrow. We’ll exchange gifts, eat some food, maybe watch a Christmas movie, and then go watch the Seoul SK Knights vs. Busan Sonic Boom basketball game just a few subway stops away.

Love from Seoul…


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Eve!

  1. Happy holidays to you, too, Andrea & Mike! Thanks for sharing your life in Korea through this blog. It’s been fun & very interesting to follow your adventures!

  2. Thanks, Kathy!! I hope all is well on your end. Can’t believe it’s almost been two years since we left Flag. Time has flown. Have a blessed New Year 😀

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