Many mini-celebrations

Would you prefer to celebrate an occasion with one big event or several small events? This year was definitely one of celebrating smaller and more often since I didn’t have time to put something together for either my birthday or Halloween. They just snuck up on me as I was preparing for my second 10k race. Such a difference from last year.

Last year, I also put in a lot of effort to bring Halloween to my students and even made costumes. This year, I barely touched on it. However, I still made some great memories and it felt like my birthday lasted even longer as we made plans to meet with different groups of friends throughout my birthday week. (Yes, a whole week!)

Birthday week haps

The weekend before my birthday the girls and I got together to have birthday brunch.

Brunch at my favorite spot ‘The Flying Pan’

After brunch the girls and I went to Dongdaemun (same as last year ^^) and did some yarn shopping and knitting at a cafe. I’m amazed at their knitting skills after only a year!! We worked on a special secret project that I will post about soon! I will give you a little clue though…here’s the yarn.

Soft boom boom

Next: The Nike We Run Seoul 10k

We personalized our shirts for free!! Hunger games style 🙂

This was such a memorable event for me. I was in a race with 30,000 people!! They shut down a bridge and various famous streets in Seoul. Definitely going to do this race again next year if possible! Happy to say that my running buddy and I beat our previous 10k times and just felt amazing throughout. The training with my running club really paid off and I hope to continue with it next year. This was the best birthday present I could have given myself: beating my last 10k time!

Free gear and race packet

Another great thing about the race was that 1/3 of the registration fee went to a charity of your choice, and you got a LOT of free gear. I can see why it is so popular and closed within 30 minutes of registration. Check out Nike’s album for more pictures of the race.

Birthday Day

On the actual day of my birthday, my co-teachers took me out to dinner and later I met up with my lovely friend Michelle, who made my wish of pumpkin pie come true with a delicious pumpkin pie from Costco. Now that may sound like a little thing, but remember that in Korea, we don’t have cars. This means she had to trek from her subway stop to Costco, buy and lug around three huge pies (one for me!), and then meet me at a subway stop halfway between us, and then go back home. What a dedicated friend! BTW, the pumpkin pie aka birthday cake was amaaaazing! @.@

Coffee and dessert after a Thai birthday dinner

The following weekend we met up and celebrated (again) with friends from church and basketball. Our friends treated us to a Thai Dinner and coffee and dessert after. I ate so much I don’t doubt that I gained some pounds, but I’m training soon for another 10k so it will all work out in the end. Even though I didn’t do anything big this year, it was meaningful to celebrate with our close friends.

I just have to say I have the most amazing friends (and hubby) who really made the effort to make me feel special and loved. Into our second year in Korea, I’m really homesick for family so having such a great support network really makes a difference.


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