A visit to McCafe

Back when our adventure in Korea was only going to be for a year, I said to myself that I would try not to eat western food at all. Eating Korean food on a daily basis was something I looked forward to!  I know it’s hard to imagine if you’re reading this from back home, but sometimes you just crave Western food. @.@ Now, I love eating Korean food everyday, but sometimes you’ve gotta change it up. And, actually, I’m extremely jealous of all of you back home who can enjoy a pumpkin spice latte; I’ve yet to find it in Korea.

Luckily, it’s getting much easier to find western food in Seoul. You can even find decent Mexican food and other international cuisines too. Speaking of western food, a while ago, my friends and I found a McCafe in Gangnam  and decided to check it out. This was during the Olympics so you’ll notice the Olympics theme. ^^

I’d never been to a McCafe which I understand is like a more upscale Mickey D’s,  started in Australia to capture the cafe-going coffee-drinking crowd.

McCafe Lobby

The first floor was set up like a typical McDonald’s restaurant, but the second floor had a whole different vibe.

The Menu


Delicious espresso drinks

The prices were excellent! The piccolo and flat white tasted pretty similar to a regular latte. I don’t even think I tasted a difference between the drinks except that the piccolo had a stronger coffee flavor. I thought the cakes were pretty good. Anyway, a pretty fun experience overall. One of the best things was trying the spicy fries that you had to shake in the bag before eating.

Spicy fries

Directions on the spicy fries bag ^^


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