Confessions of a princess

I have a confession to make…I’m a princess.

Actually, its more like I’m treated like a princess, by my hubby. Since Mike started full time at work, I now realize how much he did around the house and how much I just didn’t have to think about things. Important household things like cleaning and cooking and grocery shopping.

We’ve been in Korea a year and a half and I bought the laundry detergent for the first time just a couple of weeks ago. It was overwhelming!! First of all, the labels are all in Korean and seemingly there are a way more types of laundry soap than any human could possibly need. There is pre-soaking, spot cleaning, oygenating, fabric softening and so forth. I almost gave up. Luckily for me, I spotted a waygookin (foreigner) with her Korean co-teacher helping her shop for necessities. I overheard their conversation and quickly asked which was the best detergent.  I explained it was my first time buying it and that there were too many choices.  The Korean teacher looked at me and to my surprise, recognized me! We worked together briefly at a regional summer camp so she knew I was not new to Korea. She probably thought I was really dirty or something. I was thinking, “I do wash my clothes, I swear!” Rather than launch into a lengthy explanation I just grabbed the detergent, thanked her, and continued on with my shopping.

Usually, Mike does the shopping. He does all the heavy lifting and boy, how much more do I appreciate that!  As I shopped my basket got heavier and heavier and I strategically put things in my cart that were light because I knew I would have to get them home somehow. Sorry, no juice, no rice, no canned goods, (and almost) no detergent. Too heavy!


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