Oh, Konglish (some recent finds)

Some funny stuff I’ve spotted recently.

At Homeplus (like Target or Walmart)

In case you run out…

The Lightening Aisle

Cheonho station

Well, that’s random.

Bill Cosby Bar

I like my friend Josh’s take on it: This can only meet jello pudding shots all night long!

Coex Mall

I think this is a clever advertisement for plastic surgery, made up only of emoticons.

Before and After Emoticons

Can you figure out the procedures from the pictures?


3 thoughts on “Oh, Konglish (some recent finds)

  1. Andrea–
    Bill Cosby= hilarious!
    I saw that plastic surgery ad–I admit that it is clever, but still kind of sad. :/
    Don’t you just love Konglish?

    • I agree! The ideal beauty standard here is ridiculous and unattainable unless you’ve got tons of money and are willing to undergo major procedures. Koreans are beautiful w/o all that crap ^_^

  2. What a great idea to add a section about the funny konglish you see. it is pretty out of control here, but at least there is English on the signs to give us chuckles and brighten our days 🙂

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