Small Apartment Makeover

When Mike and I moved into our new place, I was at a loss with what to do to make it feel more comfortable and home-y. The main problem was that it was much smaller than any other place we’ve lived.

No matter what we did, I couldn’t find a solution that made me happy.  We tried moving the fridge out of it’s cubby to make room for storage. We tried moving our clothes rack to different spots to provide some privacy from the entryway, but that didn’t help much and just added clutter.

We didn’t really find a solution until my mom came and, being the interior decorating wizard that she is, immediately found the answer. It only took us an hour to shop for the goods and formulate a plan, and about an hour to put everything together. We improvised where we needed to, and made  things work. Now, I love our new place! Thanks, Mom!!



After – Media center is against the wall near the entryway

Before – Fridge moved out of cubby.

After: Fridge moved back into cubby (storage moved to covered area).

After – Seating area defined by rug and sofa bed.

After – Storage area hidden from public view. 

After – sleeping area hidden behind privacy screen

It’s amazing how much more comfortable I feel with the spaces clearly defined in our apartment. As a bonus, our bedroom gets cold fast because the screens keep the a/c air in that area. If needed, we can roll up the screens to get a/c throughout the apartment, but it hasn’t been that hot.

So how did we do it? Originally, we were going to use fabric curtains to separate the spaces. However, the curtains we looked at were very expensive. A cheaper option was to use bamboo floor mats. I also preferred the bamboo screen because I felt it afforded more privacy. We bought 3 panels and improvised with them to make it work with our curtain rods. The hardware for the curtain rods was pretty cheap at about $7. I was surprised how easily the screws went into the ceiling (without a drill) and how everything fell into place. It wasn’t very difficult at all and I love love LOVE the result.

View through the bamboo screens


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