Wicked in Seoul

Recently, I finally got to see the Musical ‘Wicked’! It was a whole lot of fun and a very cool story. I thought it was the same NYC Broadway cast but it turned out to be the international cast based in Australia. The singing and acting were amazing! It was a bit pricey though, about $70 for the cheapest ticket.

We were on the upper balcony but still had a great view. Unfortunately, I had a cold and was trying to stifle my coughing fits >< so I don’t think I enjoyed myself as much as I normally would have.

I loved how the ‘Wicked’ experience began as soon as you entered the lobby.

Decorated Lobby

The announcements also had a ‘trip to Oz’ theme. Even the bathrooms were decorated with Actors posters, bios, and maps of Oz. It was reminiscent of Harry Potter in some ways. I found myself making some comparisons. I felt like I was on platform 9 3/4 about to head to a magical land. Wicked was a fun journey.

Some of us met up before the show to try some pizza in Itaewon at ‘Pizza Peel’ which is the new pizza hotspot in Seoul. I thought the pizza was okay. I like my thin crust a little less doughy and the hawaiian pizza was not the greatest. The margherita pizza on the other hand, was unbelievable!

Inside ‘Pizza Peel’

I should have taken pictures but after dinner we went to a famous dessert place nearby called ‘Passion 5’. It’s a dessert heaven that has 5 different sections dedicated to different types of sweets: gelato, bakery, patisserie, chocolate, and a cafe that serves brunch.  Some of the girls got macaroons, but I opted for fresh green tea chocolate truffle and an earl grey tea truffle. Amazing!  I’ll go again and take some pics.


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