Cinco de Mayo in Seoul – riding along the Hangang (Han River)

Ready to ride

It’s already June and a lot has happened. My mom came for a 12 day visit and Mike met his half-sister for the first time. All of these will be written about in separate posts, but first, I’ve been meaning to post about how we spent our Cinco de Mayo in Seoul. It was definitely a gorgeous day and worth mentioning.

First, Cinco de Mayo as you can imagine, is not really celebrated in Seoul,  except by foreigners like us, very much like St. Patrick’s Day. There were a few events held in different areas of Seoul but my friends and I decided the best way to celebrate the day would be to take advantage of free bike rentals and ride along the Han.

We met at Oksu Station. It’s kind of tiny but I circled the bike rental building in the picture.

Oksu Station – Bike rental place

After we rented our bikes which was as simple as leaving a resident card, it was easy to find the path to the river. We went towards Ichon and took a break halfway to take some pics.

Taking a break

Taking pics

The Han

We made it to Ichon and decided it would be a good idea to do one of our Korea bucketlist things, namely, ordering chicken delivery on the river.  The cool thing is that basically you just call the chicken place and they will come find you along the river! We made it easy for them because we were enjoying shade outside the 7-eleven.

Chillin’ at the Ichon 7 Eleven – getting our chicken

We ordered chicken – delivered to us on the river!


At 7-Eleven

Me and Olivia

After we had our appetizer of chicken we went back towards Oksu and hung out  by the river there. The nice thing about Seoul is that they are really into fitness and so you see fitness equipment in parks and other areas. We decided to hang out under the subway station near Oksu and try them out. Out of nowhere this really cute old couple decided it would be fun to try riding my bike. I don’t think the lady knew how to ride a bike so her husband was helping her. Too cute!

Cute couple

After bike riding we headed to Itaewon for some delicious fusion Mexican food. Right now the hot spot in Itaewon is a place called ‘Vatos’. It was started by some Korean-Americans from L.A. and offers the most delicious fusion of Mexican and Korean cuisine I’ve tasted anywhere. If you go, the margaritas and kimchi fries are a must! Although, I have to say I was not impressed with the portion sizes of the tacos.

Kimchi (Carnitas) Fries!

Classic Margaritas

For dessert we had some tres leches cake which was unbelievably delish! Then we headed over for coffee and more dessert at Tartine (pics in the slideshow). That about wraps it up. We had a day of fun and lots of food! Look forward to the next post about my mom’s visit and Mike’s reunion with his little sister…

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