Korean “water fountain”

The water fountain is really just a water machine.

Water machine

Of course there are regular water fountains that we’re familiar with but chances are, you’ll probably see more water machines in public places. My first encounter with a Korean water fountain was at my EPIK (English Program in Korea) Orientation last year. I remember feeling a little cheated because I was so thirsty and saw a perfectly fine water machine, full of water, but without any cups. What was going on? How could they be so mean?

Then my friend, Julie, who had been to Korea before showed me the secret: a folded paper cup.

Paper cup

Paper cup dispenser

So if you find yourself in Korea at a water machine without a cup in sight, just remember to look for the folded paper cups that look like credit card sleeves.

Another tip: Drink from the higher lip of the cup.


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