K-Pop 101: My first concert


K-pop. Korean Pop Music. The Hallyu Phenomenon. Korean culture wave. What is it all about? Visitkorea.org describes it as: Korea’s recent surge in the entertainment industry [which] has sparked tremendous interest abroad.

Sure, back in the states Mike and I watched a few music videos and K-dramas online but didn’t really get into the thick of the Hallyu Phenomenon. Recently I got to witness it firsthand. Thanks to my friend, Michelle, I was invited to a free – yes, free! – K-pop Concert/Fashion show with all the big K-pop acts like Big Bang, Miss A, and Girls’ Generation. There were even a few famous actors and actresses sprinkled into the fashion show for good measure 🙂

I wasn’t sure what to expect since it was my first K-pop concert and truth be told, I don’t go to concerts all that much. I was pretty impressed by the performances. Some were better than others of course, but by far the best act was the highly anticipated finale performance of BigBang.

Cold, blustery day!

Our sections were A and B on the first floor

It was a freezing cold day!! That didn’t stop the foreigners (like us) from coming out in force, though. It’s really funny to me how in Korea there are designated “foreigner” sections. We had our own separate line and we also were able to sit up front closer to the performers. I’m guessing it’s a marketing ploy to spark more interest…? We got our tickets and immediately looked for the nearest shelter from the cold/lunch venue. We found a decent Korean restaurant just a short walk from the stadium. We had some delicious stews and mandu. Yum!

Lunch at a nearby Korean restaurant at Olympic Park

We loaded up on snacks for the show at the nearest convenience store and heading back. Inside we found our seats and watched the show.

Inside the stadium

View of the catwalk from our seats.

The whole time I couldn’t help thinking how surreal it felt watching the fashion show and seeing live performances of the Korean stars who were on T.V. all the time. I’ll admit I was a bit star-struck.

Some video of the fashion show…

Male models

Female models

Girl’s Generation

Miss A

My starstruck friend, Michelle, was getting all antsy and super excited to see BigBang. It was really cute!

Grand finale: Big Bang. Sorry for the bad video quality. The bass was soooo incredibly loud!! They were so good ^_^

I have all the videos of the concert here if you want to see more, but I really just took snippets of the show since I wanted to experience it and not just from behind the camera.

I really enjoyed the concert. Am I a certified K-Pop fan? Maybe not just yet. In the meantime I want to thank my friends for introducing me to the crazy world of K-Pop, its fans and of course, all the drama!


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