Our new (teeny) digs – hello, city-living!

When we first moved to Korea last year, Mike and I mentally prepared ourselves for a small living space. We knew that living in Seoul, space was at a premium, and since my school provides the accommodations, we figured we would probably get a one room studio-type set up. Instead we got this:


That’s right; we got a lofted officetel (building with businesses and residents) apartment. We were on the top floor with an amazing view of the mountains and city. We were pretty lucky! While we enjoyed ourselves in Changdong there were some drawbacks, mainly to do with location. We were near a good subway line, but our stop was pretty far from areas in central Seoul.

Because I switched elementary schools, we moved to a new location. Now we live by Olympic Park in Jamsil. Moving itself was a breeze. With help from friends, we rented a moving truck. Basically, it’s  a man with a flatbed truck. For about $60 he helped us load everything on the truck and move into our new place, about 20 minutes away. I tried to help, but he would only let Mike do the work. We were thankful he spoke some English. He even asked for English lessons. Mike agreed to tutor him.

So, here’s a first look at our teeny tiny one room studio apartment. It’s pretty much what we imagined we would have when we arrived last year.  We still need to make a few storage adjustments but it’s starting to feel like home. We’re still getting used to the Korean-style bath which means everything gets wet when you take a shower.


Funny how our tiny apartment comes with a giant TV. Gonna get rid of the clothes rack and find something that’s covered.


Our couch/bed. Too bad it doesn’t have storage underneath.


Entryway with misc chair. Gonna sell the coat rack.


Korean style bath. Gonna give it a good scrubbing and some storage soon.


Ironically, we a have a bigger kitchen. We moved the fridge to create a storage area for our luggage. Gonna cover it with a curtain or something.

Some of the perks of our new place are that we are within walking distance of the largest HomePlus (think Walmart or Target), Lotte World (like Disneyland), Olympic Park, and tons of 24 hour places. It’s really happenin’ in our new area. The guards/doormen are really helpful and nice and try to speak English with us. We’re only on the 3rd floor this time around and our view is of the wall of the next apartment building (def not a perk). Crazy to think that both apartments cost the same amount; location is what dictates the size of the space.

Although it’s tiny, Mike and I are prepared for guests if you need a place to crash in Seoul. We have a floor mattress and plenty of pillows and blankets ^^. Otherwise there are plenty of motels near us, too.  We’re happy about another year in Seoul and getting to explore a different area. We’ll write about our neighborhood in an upcoming post. Let us know if you want us to blog about anything in particular or if you have tips on living in a small space. We love and miss you guys!

Take care 🙂


2 thoughts on “Our new (teeny) digs – hello, city-living!

  1. They have those bathrooms in Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey too!!! What an experience though!! I’m sad that you’ll be gone another year, but really excited for all your adventures and that Mike gets to spend more time with his birth mother!! Love ya GodSidder!!!

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