Making Makkeoli Part 2 – The finished product

After fermenting our makkeoli for 9 days, Mike and I decided it was time to complete the process. We found this video tutorial which was helpful in case you want to try to make it at home: Makkeoli tutorial

Here are the steps we took to finish making our makkeoli:

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It was pretty simple and not as messy as I thought it would be. We tasted our makkeoli today and while the taste is similar to what you’d find with store-bought makkeoli, the carbonation wasn’t there. I remember in class the instructor said that carbonation is typically added so I think Mike and I will add some carbonated water. One thing we did not do that probably affected the process is stir the makkeoli daily. If we make this again we would probably be sure to stir it well and distribute the yeast.

When we go back home we will probably try making our own makkeoli in order to get the freshest flavor. In the meantime we’ll probably just stick with the $1-ish bottles you can get in convenient stores because of – er – the convenience. ^^


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