2012 Happenings and Makkeoli-making

Hello Blog Readers!!

2012 has been an amazing year for us already. The biggest news is that Mike got to meet his Korean mom!! We’re writing a post about it and will put it up soon so keep an eye out for it.  Lately, I’ve been in the midst of lesson planning and teaching English winter camp and Mike has been working and taking it all in. He also celebrated his 31st birthday! Yay! (Pics coming soon…)

Recently we took a makkeoli making class with our friends Sharon and Jason Demant.  Our friends’ enthusiasm for makkeoli was contagious and now Mike and I love it for our go-to alcoholic beverage with friends.

What is makkeoli? It’s basically a traditional rice wine. It tastes milky and sweet. There are different types of makkeoli but we prefer the fresh makkeoli, which is not fermented very long and tastes a bit carbonated. Makkeoli typically has about a 6-7% alcohol content.  In Korea, a 750 ml bottle of makkeoli is about $1.  Yes, $1.

Here’s some pics from the class and of the makkeoli-making process:

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Now that we’ve made the makkeoli we now have to let it ferment for 5 days. Although, we will probably only let ours ferment 3 days since we like ours on the sweeter side and not too bitter. It was a really fun experience getting to see how our favorite Korean beverage was made. I’m sure we’ll attempt it again when we get back to the states. I’ll post an update on how it turned out.


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