Update: Things my kids do, say, have, and wear that amuse me….

For the original post click here: Things my kids do…

When I teach I usually do a warm-up and greeting with the kids that involves asking them about their weekend and basic questions like ‘what did you do’? One of my kids to my surprise answered that he danced over the weekend.  I asked him about it and he told me that he can beatbox as well. I offered to have him come up and do a beatbox show for us but he was too shy at the moment. I told him he can do it for us at the end of class so he agreed. The end of class came and I asked him to do a little show for us.

When he started beatboxing I was so impressed! I immediately told him to stop while I grabbed my camera to record. One of my students suggested giving him the microphone that I sometimes use when my throat gets hoarse. I gave him the mic and off he went.


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