BB Cream…the secret weapon of every Korean woman’s cosmetic arsenal

When I first came to Korea I was surprised by how many cosmetic shops there were. They…are…pracitically…on…every…corner… Like Starbucks in the States. I came to realize that Koreans are obsessed with skin care and make-up. Unfortunately, the female ideal of beauty is largely unattainable except by plastic surgery and lots of skin whitening products. For an example of the Korean ideal of beauty, behold the looks of one of the most popular female Korean pop groups: Girls Generation.

But I digress…I began to notice that most Korean women I saw had amazing skin, including my co-teachers. Smooth, few blemishes and nice coloring. What was their secret?! Later on, I discovered the secret was BB Cream or Blemish Balm Cream.  I did some research online and found that it was first used to help soothe and regenerate skin after plastic surgery. Here’s a link to a an in-depth article about it:

My joy balloon at discovering the skin care secret was quickly deflated because of the following:  BB cream 1) Only comes in 1 or 2 very pale shades 2) Usually has skin whitening ingredients of which I am not a fan. Then I came across this jewel of the YouTube universe explaining how BB cream is for dark skin too:

For the past week I’ve been using the Missha brand Moisture BB Cream. I really like it!! It works great for my sensitive skin and has ZERO whitening ingredients. Love my tan skin. I used to wear it as a base to my foundation but found that I could just use it as a tinted moisturizer, which would go on light but blend into my skin tone with no foundation needed.  The hubby has noticed a difference and has given BB Cream his stamp of approval.

My BB Cream

So there you have it; the secret is BB Cream for beautiful skin. I’m going to have to stock up on this stuff before we go home!


2 thoughts on “BB Cream…the secret weapon of every Korean woman’s cosmetic arsenal

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