College Entrance Exams in Korea

Yesterday was a very important day for a lot of people in South Korea; it was the day that high school students took their college entrance exams. I found this well researched article about it in case you are interested.

It is fascinating how the whole country basically holds their breath and pampers the high school students knowing that this test will most likely determine their future success. If you’re running late on test day you can get a police escort to school. Many workers, including myself got to come into work an hour later to keep the streets clear and congestion to a minimum. My co-teacher’s husband (a high school teacher) had to observe the students as they took their test and he had to stand for 8 hours, practically not moving because the students said it was distracting to them when he moved.

I can’t imagine what my life would be like if one test determined everything for me, my opportunities, my career path, even marriage prospects down the line. It’s incredible. What do you think?



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