30 days of Korean school lunch

I thought it would be fun to look back at what kind of stuff I ate for lunch at my elementary school. Each month about $45 is deducted from my paycheck for lunches. This works out to about $1.50 per meal. Not bad. Usually, after eating, my co-teachers and I sit and have tea or coffee until our next class. This month we have a few holidays so this post will update into December with new pictures every school day. My goal is to chronicle the next 30 days of school lunches.

Here’s what I ate today.

Day 1: 11/2/11

rice, beef and potato soup, meatloaf nuggets, kimchi and spicy dried squid.

Day 2: 11/3/11

Today’s lunch included one of my favorite Korean dishes: bibimbap. It’s basically veggies, rice, and a little bit of meat all mixed together with a spicy red sauce. It also included grapes. For those of you who have never had Korean grapes they are a bit different. First, the skin is very tough and bitter but the flesh is sweet. The way to eat Korean grapes is to take a grape, bite off a little piece of skin, squirt the inside of the grape into your mouth, discard the skin, and spit the (rather large) seeds out. Yup. You don’t eat the skin of grapes in Korea. Well, you can, it’s just tastes really bitter.

Korean style miso soup, mixed rice with veggies and spicy sauce, pickled radish, sweet red bean dumpling, and Korean grapes.


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