Fall is here!

Falling leaves on my way home from work.

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would drop a quick post to update you all on our latest ventures in Seoul. I feel like I should get better at posting about things as they happen because after a while it seems a little more daunting to keep everything up to date. Anyway, there’s a definite chill in the air and the leaves are turning.

Funny coffee sleeve from Dunkin' Donuts. You can change the expression by turning it around the cup!

Seoul is beautiful. I’m loving the weather although last week there was a dramatic drop in humidity and I woke up with a parched throat. It gets dry here in the fall I guess. With the chill and bit of rain the humidity has gone back up and it’s pleasant again. Reminds of Seattle weather.

I have great news; Mike found a job! Hooray!! Finally šŸ™‚ It’s been eight months since we’ve moved here and he is a working man again starting next week. Mike will be teaching English (no surprise there) at a hagwon (an after-school program) three days a week. It’s a miracle and answer to prayer that he was hired with no teaching experience and no bachelor’s degree. Now we will just have to decide about staying one more year, or getting back to the real world and start our lives again. Ugh, decisions!

I will have to let my school know by this week. I believe they would like me to stay because I haven’t screwed anything up too badly (that I know of) and they see that I work very hard. Part of me is anxious to get back home and move forward but the other part just loves it here.

What do you think? To quote the song, “Should I (we) stay or should I (we) go?” Na na na na na na na.

Other than contemplating life-changing decisions Mike and I have been up to the usual.

Enjoying afternoon tea with my buddy, Cherish, before church

Hanging out with friends, church, basketball, work, Korean class, etc. Right now we are gearing up for Halloween!! With the help of my students, I am decorating and getting into the Halloween spirit. I will post pictures soon. I’m also bribing the kids with candy to dress in their costumes next Monday. I will be either a cat or a witch. Both are easy and require little preparation; black outfit plus hat or ears.

This Sunday I’m celebrating a milestone birthday. I’m turning the big 3-0. Yikes! At first I thought I wanted a huge party/outing with my friends that included Hongdae (well-known partying and clubbing area in Seoul) and staying out all night clubbing and drinking. But then the more I thought about it, I realized, to quote (Lethal Weapon’s) Murtagh, “I’m too old for this s**t.” Besides, been there done that, recently as a matter of fact. Every time I stay out all night the next day I feel like I’m dying…lol…So instead, I’m hoping for a nice relaxing time with the hubby and friends either having dinner, coffee and cake, or both at a nice restaurant somewhere. Being in Korea in itself is a milestone for me; I don’t need to get super crazy or anything.

To conclude, life is good. Glad to have the support of family and friends to help us through our adventure which at times has been tough and has had it’s difficult and awkward moments. I hope everyone’s plans for Halloween are going well and hope to hear from you all soon.

Take care,
Andrea (Dre)


4 thoughts on “Fall is here!

  1. i love this post.

    congratulations mike!!! I guess this gives you more of a reason to stay! šŸ˜‰ & cant wait to celebrate with you!

    all in all, I feel really grateful that I get to be part of this milestone year ā¤

  2. Happy 30th!! Sounds like a nice way to spend your day~~~ I love love fall in Korea!!! So bright! Also, my opinion is to stay. You have your husband there and have jobs so why not?! You’ll miss it when you leave I promise. I regret my decision not trying harder to stay…some days. But I’m happy to be back near my family and soon to be husband:)

  3. Congratulations to Andrea on turning 30 and making a mature decision on how to celebrate (!) and congratulations to Mike on landing a job. Yeah! I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone…..If you stay another year I bet you will come home fluent. How would that figure into your future?
    P.s. where is Mike’s post about meeting his family? Did I miss it?

    • Thanks, Kathrin :). Mike has been working on the post and should get it done this week. Uploading and editing videos is taking a while. We took lots of videos. I hope it’s worth the wait šŸ™‚

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