Trip to Busan – Part 2

And now, the long awaited post to (almost) conclude my travel experience in Busan this past May…

In Korea, Busan is synonymous with ‘beach’ and one beach in particular comes to mind: Haeundae.

Here is what Haeundae looks like during peak season.

Now, since my friends and I went in the spring, we really didn’t have a problem with crowds. It was quite nice to have the beach (practically) all to ourselves.

In my last post I’m sure I mentioned how much I fell in love with Busan. I loved the air, I loved the beach, and I just had a lot of fun.

If you’ve been following this blog you know that I really appreciate the funny mis-translations, awkward signs, and just miscellaneous cultural things that don’t translate.  These are pretty common in Korea. Here are a few from the Busan trip.

No-Smoking "Sign"

I realize these are actual penguins. Please excuse my 10-year-old sense of humor.

Jackass penguins

Because they just go together so well...

Finally, my favorite one is an ad for a sports massage.


Another thing that Busan is famous for is its seafood.  My friends and I explored the famous Jagalchi Fish Market; it was pretty cool.

Vendors outside the fish market

Inside the fish market

Variety of shellfish

The fun thing about the market is you can pick what you’re eating for lunch and have it cooked for you right there.  The deal is that you pick your seafood on the first floor and it gets sent up to the restaurant on the second floor to be prepared to your liking.  Here we are haggling for seafood.  My friend, Julie, speaks fluent Korean so she was really helpful in getting us the best prices. Here’s a picture of my friend, Michelle haggling with the shellfish vendor for a platter of abalone.  Notice the admirer? The guy in the yellow apron was actually from the next stall.

Michelle getting shellfish

I guess it helps to have beautiful friends because the admiring vendor gave us 만원 (about $10) off the price of the fish we bought at his stall. After we chose our fish he made short work of getting it prepared for cooking.

Fish in the colander

Fish Vendor

Huge Lobster

Michelle & Sharon - Eating yummy seafood

Sea snails

out of the shell

Abalone - I think

Me, Julie, & Christina

Busan's famous delicious crab!!

I think it had roe inside or something

I know all my Guamanian family is salivating from the last two pictures. The fish (especially the crab) was out of this world good!  I don’t remember exactly how much we paid but I do remember thinking it was more expensive than I thought it would be. It was a fun experience though. I would recommend it.
Well, I have a few more random experiences I will post later about the trip to Busan, including finding legit Mexican food, having a Korean sports massage/ torture session, seeing strange characters on the beach, and buying Luvi’s jeans. That’s right, not Levi’s, but Luvi’s. To be continued…


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