More Harry Potter Camp

Week 3 of camp brought two different Native English teachers to our school, one of whom is my good friend, Joshua.  Both of the teachers are male and I couldn’t help but notice the 5th and 6th grade girls going ga-ga for them. Two girls in my class said that “Joshua Teacher has good voice.” Too funny. On the last day, Joshua got cookies and a card from one of the girl students. They don’t even do that for me!  Also, after the closing ceremony the girl students from a different class were demanding the other NET’s phone number so they could call and text him.  Really?!  Lol.

We got to do some fun things the last week of camp including making ice cream in a bag. I noticed in my class (comprised mainly of hyper boy students) the kids were shaking their own bodies more than their bags of “ice cream potion”. We had mostly successes in my class but some students’ ice cream potion did not turn out.

Magical Potion for ice cream

The little terror

Shakin' it!

My kids don't smile for pics

Don’t be fooled by the angelic faces. The kid with the white glasses and the baseball cap was a little terror and would not stop talking for anything. I gave him a few tasks and leadership roles and he seemed to behave okay after that.





















On the last day of camp the kids performed a scene they picked from the first Harry Potter movie.  My kids did the opening scene where Dudley wakes up Harry to go to the zoo. They really got a kick out of playing the naughty character, Dudley. Here’s the script (roughly) because it’s a bit difficult to understand what they’re saying at times.

The script:

Narrator-Today is Dudley’s birthday. They are going to the zoo.

Aunt Petunia-Wake up! Wake up!

Dudley-Wake up, cousin! We’re going to the zoo!

Aunt Petunia: Here comes the birthday, boy. Cook breakfast! Don’t burn anything!

Harry: yes, Aunt Petunia.

Uncle Vernon: Hurry up! Bring my coffee, boy!

Harry: yes, Uncle Vernon.

Delivery: These are for you.

Aunt Petunia: Aren’t they wonderful?

Dudley: How many are there?

Uncle Vernon: 36

Dudley: 36? But last year I had 37!

Aunt Petunia: We are going to buy you two new presents. Don’t worry.

Yes. That is a stage in my classroom. These were just rehearsals. None of us teachers had the presence of mind to take video during the real thing. Woops!

Here’s Team A’s presentation:

Team B’s more violent interpretation:



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