Back to school

It’s the end of summer vacation =( and while Harry Potter Camp was a headache at times, I really enjoyed being able to go home early and basically teach a half day most of the summer. Deskwarming was not bad either. I caught up on most of my U.S. tv shows and basically got to goof off. We all need some goof off time every once in a while.

My hopes for teaching this semester aka the second time around:
1) I hope that I will be more efficient at lesson planning. (Which gives me more downtime and less stress.)
2) I hope that I can work better with my co-teachers and not be such a control freak/ perfectionist. From what the other Native English teachers told me at camp I basically do too much. I need to learn to ease off and allow for some things to fall by the wayside. (This = less stress for me.)
3) Have fun! This may potentially be my last semester teaching in Korea. I want to make the best of it.

Oh yeah, this morning my principal thanked me for my hard work for the HP Camp. It was a good way to start the day 🙂


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