We went to the Boryeong Mud Festival this year! It was a lot of fun. Mike and I went with a big group and stayed in a pension. This meant blankets and pillows on the floor and everyone sleeping in one room. It was practically a huge couple slumber party. We paid 88,000 won per person which included bus fare and pension stay. With 11 people in our one room that meant we paid around 350,000 per night to stay there (estimating bus fare at 10,000).

We started off on Friday night leaving from Seoul on a bus. The trip took about 2-3 hours. We came to our pension and were pretty

Slumber party!

disappointed with the lack of cleanliness we found. The pension owner sent someone to clean the bathroom which helped a lot. Everything else was fine. We didn’t spend much time at the pension anyway.

The next day we wereup and headed to the festival after breakfast. The beach was gorgeous! Not too crowded either. The festival was not what I expected. It ended up being a cordoned off area with admission fee of 4 or 5,000 won per day. They had inflated slides and bouncy houses. It was pretty fun. There were long lines for the slides and bouncy houses so we spent a couple of hours inside the festival area.The best part of the day for me was just swimming in the ocean and relaxing by the beach.


After a shower and a nap our crew headed out again in the evening for more exploring.  For dinner, our friend, Eunju, was able to bargain get us in an all you can eat shellfish grill restaurant for about $10 per person. It was delicious!! They even threw in some ser-vi-suh (free food) which included some slow roasted meat of some sort. We were pretty efficient with the shellfish. We each had our “jobs”: cooking the shellfish, removing the shells, distributing, and clearing away the empties.

Full and content, we later found ourselves outside one of the many convenience stores in the area and decided it was a great spot for drinking makkeolli.  For those of you who don’t know, makkeolli is the best thing ever! Actually it’s a sort of Korean rice wine that is really cheap and IMHO really delicious.  I prefer it to beer and soju for sure.  I can’t really describe the taste since there’s nothing I can compare it to.  I will definitely miss 1,000 won saeng (or fresh) makkeolli when we leave Korea. Anyway, we were sitting and laughing when we started seeing fireworks – literally there were fireworks. We had a great view for the show. It was a great way to end the night.

The next day it was very hot but perfect summer weather. Mike and I decided we wanted to go to the beach and hangout so that’s what we did. All too soon, it was time to head back to Seoul. Luckily, we had the funniest bus driver. He blasted the K-pop music videos and had the crazy lights on in the bus. We called it the party bus.

I really enjoyed the festival and being at the beach. If Mike and I stay here another year I would definitely go again provided we find better accommodations. The funny thing is, we told Mike’s uncle last week that we went to the mud festival and he told us we should have asked him about it first; he has VIP status with the hotels and could have gotten us a great deal on a hotel. Oh well!

Videos: shellfish!


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