Trip to Busan – Part 1

Back in May we had a long weekend for Children’s Day/Buddha’s Birthday. I went to Busan for the weekend with my girlfriends from Orientation.  Meanwhile, Mike stayed in Seoul and had a guys weekend with his friends where they did manly things like drink whiskey and smoke cigars. He and our friend Jason also trekked through tunnels and hiked up to the DMZ (post coming soon)  with a group of people – at the opposite end of South Korea from me.

My friends and I took the KTX from Seoul which is a high speed train. The trip is usually 4-5 hours to Busan but the KTX made it in about 2 1/2 hours. It was a bit cramped but comfortable. Most of the way there we were entertained by an amazingly well-behaved little boy (probably 4 or 5 years old) in the seat ahead of us. He kept stealing glances back at us and so we tried talking to him but he was extremely shy!

Pretty soon I bought him some snacks from the snack cart passing through and offered them to him. He was traveling with his dad who kept getting up and leaving the poor kid for 15 minutes at a time to make phone calls.  The kid was mortified at getting snacks from a stranger which I placed next to him but he wouldn’t touch and barely looked at. When his dad came back he was surprised and probably thought the kid snatched them from the cart.

Luckily my friend Julie speaks Korean and explained that I bought him the snacks. The dad was happy and thanked us. An hour or so later the little boy surprised me with some potato chips which he bought as a thank you and even flashed a great big smile. He even waved to us when they got off the train and called us all “unnie” which is Korean for big sister. My friends got in on the spoiling and pretty soon we were all trying to get him to take our junk food 😉

We arrived in Busan and then took the subway to Heundae beach which is where we were staying. I immediately loved Busan. I loved the sea air and the weather in general. It felt almost like home in the PNW. 

Our “hotel” was literally less than a 5 min walk from the beach. It was fabulous. I say “hotel” but we actually stayed in a love motel. In Korea, most adults live with their parents until they get married. If they want to-ahem-have their privacy they go to a love motel. Our love motel even had a garage with long black drapes (that reminded me of a car wash) in order to block people from seeing the cars parked inside. I thought our love motel was pretty nice actually.

Inside there were two computers with free internet, a flat screen, couch, jacuzzi tub and the kind of shower head that feels like raindrops. I forget what they’re


I shared my room with Sharon. We called our room the ajumma room since we’re both married and our single friends already bunked up with each other.

Our room even came complete with robes, slippers and a “love package”. I immediately ripped it open to inspect the contents. My friends and I were giggling the whole time! *Warning: the following paragraphs have adult content.*

Most of it was the usual stuff you would find: toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc… Then came the other stuff.  My favorite was “feminine cleanser”. I thought the packaging was very cute. Especially the condom box.

Picture on the back of the condom box. Happy stick man and stick woman.

Well, I have more to post about the Busan trip but I think it warrants another blog entry. More about Busan coming soon…


3 thoughts on “Trip to Busan – Part 1

  1. Hey you two! If you want faithful blog readers you have to be faithful blog writers!!!! I have been patient, but I really would like to read the post on Part 2 of Andrea’s trip to Busan. Get with it you two!!!!! Also, how about the summer weather in Seoul? How are you handling it? Also, I would like to know about the school schedule in Korea. They start the school year in February, right? Then when do they get a summer vacation? Miss you guys. A few weeks ago on a Sunday, I took Ethan to the Community Market, Macy’s and the Journey. ….

    • You’re absolutely right, Kathrin!! I’ve sort of been composing the next few posts in my head but have yet to put my thoughts to paper so to speak. This is the kick that I needed. Thanks 😉 Also, Mike has been working on a post about his reunion with his grandparents. That should be up soon too…I miss our Sundays with Ethan. Thanks for taking him to our old haunts. Some friends from work sent us some Macy’s coffee and we’ve been drinking that and reminiscing about one of our favorite Flagstaff places. Posts coming soon – I promise!

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