Teaching in Korea

I love teaching in Korea! The kids are so adorable. They really make me laugh. I have a few really cute pics and vids of them to share.

One of the games we play in class is a version of Pictionary. The kids have to use the key expression, “What a nice ____.” and fill in the blank with their guess.

Playing Pictionary

I could not stop cracking up during one of the games with my 5th graders because the category was “transportation” and a kid drew a blob with a wheel.  I don’t know how but the kids correctly answered, “What a nice airplane!” Really?! Lol.


I can see the other ones pretty easily, but airplane?

Here is a cute short vid of my 3rd graders singing Ally Bally. The man walking in is my principal.

I’ll add more to this post I’m sure. This is just a taste. Also, if you haven’t already seen it on facebook, here is a video of the English Day event we had last month which was a success. I had them doing the chicken dance ^^.


3 thoughts on “Teaching in Korea

  1. 5th graders are so much fun. I just started teaching this age in my Sunday School. I love them! How many students are in your classes? Do you teach the same grade throughout the day? I.e., 6 classes of 5th graders that rotate through your classroom?

    • Hi Kathrin! I teach 3rd, 5th and 6th grade this semester. I’ll get the 4th graders next semester but I’ll be sad to lose the 3rd graders =(. I see my 3rd graders once every other week and the rest once a week. The 6th graders are a bit challenging. In some classes I have very rowdy boys, but all in all, they’re pretty sweet.

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