Lunch for less than $5

Kudos to my friend Sharon who spotted the ‘Korean Restaurant’ in Myeondong a few weeks ago.  This is what we ate for 5,000 KRW which is approximately $4.66.

Um-this is why I’m never leaving Korea! J/k to all my family back home.  It’s so much cheaper to eat out.  This lunch was for two people so it came to 10,000 KRW.  The side dishes are re-fillable and it comes with rice, soup, fish stew, and my favorite steamed egg.


2 thoughts on “Lunch for less than $5

  1. Looks delicious. We needed your friend’s restaurant hunting skills during our trip. I will never live down the $37.00 breakfast that Ethan and I ate in Jeju-do. It was delicious, with a great view of the ocean at the Hyatt….of course it would break the bank!

    • My friends and I splurged on high tea at a luxury hotel in Seoul. It was 30,000 won but it was so much fun and we were so stuffed! It’s nice to treat yourself every once in a while isn’t it?

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