Cub Scout Day

I noticed a lot of kids wearing uniforms yesterday at my school. Then in the afternoon I saw them lining up in formation outside. I quickly grabbed my camera to document whatever it was.  I never know what’s going on…lol…

Apparently it was cub scout day!  Luckily, while they were preparing for the ceremony, one of my students was able to more or less let me know what was going on.  She even offered to share a “sausage-i” with me.  That’s what she was eating.  Too cute!  Also, I have no idea why I’m so red in this pic…lol…

I was surprised to see that some of the teachers, including one of my co-teachers were dressed in uniforms and leading the kids. I guess it’s part of their job to be scout leaders…?

Lining up in formation

There were some parents that came out a little later to watch the kids. I felt sorry for the kids because they were out in the hot sun for at least an hour just standing and doing nothing.  I recognized most of them from my 5th and 6th grade classes.

The gym under construction

The ‘field’ is where the kids play and run around. We have a gym under construction which they have been building since I got here. This picture shows 2 months of progress which I think is amazing!  My co-teacher asked me if playgrounds were similar in the U.S. and I told her that they usually have grass and more playground equipment. At least, that’s what I remember.

Teachers as Scout Mothers and such...

I didn’t stay for the whole event but I could hear a lot of ceremony-type stuff going on through my office window. So interesting! I didn’t know they had boy scouts and girl scouts in Korea…


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