First care package in Korea

Woohoo! So happy! Last Sunday we opened our first care packages since moving to Korea. I was really jonesing for baking spices, American chocolates, and my knitting stuff. My mom and dad were kind enough to send them to us!

Sooo happy!

knitting stuff

As my friends know, I really am an old lady and love to bake and knit stuff. It’s been hard to find the right baking ingredients, so my mom sent me some cinnamon, vanilla extract, chocolate chips and oatmeal.  Can’t wait to make some vegan chocolate chip cookies!  Right now I’m working on a scarf for my friend, Sharon, since she spotted a knitting shop in Seoul when I REALLY wanted to knit something.

Mike thinking I'm a total nerd for being so excited - Sue-oma in the background

Our Korean-mom, Sue, made us a delicous dinner and then we took our goods home. What a perfect way to end the day! Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the packages. You’re the best!


One thought on “First care package in Korea

  1. Nice Smart Smiles shirt Andrea. Katy and I “like” it. Join the old lady club with pride!

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