Dinner at Gwangjang market

We are very lucky to have a friend like Matthew who knows his way around Seoul and can speak fluent Korean!  Matthew took us for dinner last week at an outdoor market near the Jongno 5 Subway station. They are famous for their mung-bean pancakes which taste very similar to potato pancakes.

I’m mostly just showing pics but if you want more info here are some links that go more in-depth about the area:



Many different little food stands

Ddukbokki, blood sausage and chapchae anyone?

We decided to go for an assortment of Korean savory pancakes

The jalapeno poppers were the best!

Mike taking a bite

Koreans make finadene too! Basically you dip the savory pancake into the sauce made with vinegar, soy sauce, onion and peppers.

Korean finadene

Grinding the mung beans for the pancake mixture

Dong Dong Ju

We went to the restaurant that is most famous for the mung bean pancake. Mike and I tried Dong dong ju for the first time which is like a sweeter and thicker makkeoli. It was delicious!  My new favorite alcoholic beverage.


Yummy Pajeon!

Mung bean pancakes with side dishes

And finally, our friend, Matthew, without whom this trip would not have been  nearly as enjoyable nor as easy.  There were few foreigners at the market and not very many people spoke English.

Gwangjang gets crowded on Sundays since it’s a favorite for Koreans after a long day of hiking.  Anyone up for going to Gwangjang market? No hiking necessary…


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