Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival

Enjoy the beauty of it, the pictures don’t do it justice…it was amazing! Incredibly crowded, but worth the hassle of the crowd. Mike and I went to Yeouido with our friends Jason and Sharon. It was about a 45min to 1hr subway ride for us. I’ve never been so crammed before using public transportation–it was part of the adventure, I guess!  We got to Yeouido, bought some makkeoli at the portable convenient stores, sat down under a shady tree and enjoyed the cherry blossoms and people watching.  Then we met up with our friend, Michelle, who took us to the area near the river where the blossoms were spectacular.  The weather could not have been more perfect. The streets were filled with crowds, street performers and vendors.

Colorful fish fountain

Waiting at the crosswalk

Korean Government Building

Landscaping around building

Cherry Blossoms

Take 2

Sharon and Michelle

Kites by the river

More blossoms

Mike's artistic picture


3 thoughts on “Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival

  1. It’s awesome Andrea 🙂 You and Mike look great. The life there should be really good. Cherry blossom makes things fresh and lively ^^ I like Mike’s artistic picture!!!

  2. So beautiful. … and this year in Flagstaff all of our blossoms have frozen. It will be another bloomless year for those traditional spring bloomers.

  3. sssooo beautiful, Im sure it was even more amazing in person but the pictures are great!! Love the shots of the two of you, I miss you guys ❤

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