St. Patrick’s Day in Seoul

I was surprised to find out from some other teachers that there would be a festival and entertainment to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Insadong, Seoul.  The festival was on a Saturday 3/19 from 1pm-5pm.  It’s an annual event put together by Irish ex-pats.  It shouldn’t have surpised me, but it blew me away to hear an Irishman speaking fluent Korean as the M.C. of the festival. Awesome! Many foreigners came out that day to celebrate. It was a little weird being able to understand what everyone was saying for a change.  My favorite overheard conversation was a guy talking on his cell phone saying, “I sound sober, but I’m not ACTUALLY sober!!”

Insadong - St. Patrick's Day festival

Lots of people in the square

A lull in the entertainment portion - I was mesmerized by how well he spoke Korean.

Sadly, we didn’t stay too long at the festival because we were trying to meet up with some friends to do more sightseeing in Insadong. The festival was fun, it was great seeing people get into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day. We did see a few people dressed as leprechauns walking the street, lots of green, many drunk foreigners and Irish 😉


One thought on “St. Patrick’s Day in Seoul

  1. love your pics of food! if we visited all we would do is eat! miss u much, say hi to mike he looks happy there. everyone at work says so. p.s. matilda needs your mailing address!!! : )

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