Oh, the (delicious) food!

For this post I’m going to let the pictures do most of the work.  Our friend, Matthew, took us to a place near his work in Gangnam to try out some Korean food called ssam (which I think means wrap). There were many different types of leaves to wrap with. It was fun as well as yummy! Then for Part 2, I talk about how we went with our friends Josh and Cherish to try out our first tent restaurant in Chang dong where we live.  These restaurants are literally tents lined up near the subway. They usually offer a few dishes and some alcohol.  We scored some free dishes (ser-bis-uh, supposed to sound like ‘service’) because we ordered so much. Enjoy!

Soup, pork, many side dishes and wraps

Part 2: Tent restaurants

This is the tent restaurant we chose at random


Josh and Cherish

Let me explain the toilet paper rolls hanging from the ceiling. In Korea, toilet paper is often used instead of napkins.  It was a little odd to me at first but you get over it quickly.  My first experience with this was eating with my co-teachers at lunch.  There was a roll of toilet paper in the middle of the dining table which I thought was weird. Now, I don’t even notice it 😉

Mike and me in the tent restaurant

We just came from the St. Patrick’s Day Parade/Festival in Insadong (follow-up post coming soon) which is why I’m wearing a bright green sweatshirt. 

Ddokbokki (Rice cake in spicy red sauce)

Ddokbokki is like the Korean version of nachos. It’s everywhere and it’s cheap and delicious.  The rice cake is soft and chewy and the sauce is pretty spicy. 

Most amazing egg dish ever

I forget what the name of this egg dish is called but it was delicious! It was like an egg souffle.  I don’t even know how to describe it except for yummy!

Pork dish - don't remember what it was called

A pickled radish wrap

Cherish showing her beautifully wrapped pork


3 thoughts on “Oh, the (delicious) food!

  1. The egg dish is called 계란찜: Literally, “steamed egg”. It’s quite easy to make at home ^^

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