More of Insadong

The spiral mall

Many shops and handmade crafts

This guy made my personalized stamp

For 30,000 won (roughly $28-29) I got a personalized stamp made with my name in Korean along with a cute yellow case.  Basically, you choose a stamp design that you like and they will put what you want on it.  Koreans use these stamps as their signatures sometimes on official documents.  I just wanted to have one for letters and stationery.

My stamp in its case

This is the design, a flower and my name in Hangul

One of the booths in the spiral mall was selling handcrafted makkeoli (a Korean-style rice wine) and making strawberry makkeoli smoothies. Of course we had to try it. It made for a very fun rest of the day!  I was thrilled when my friend, Sharon, helped me find a knitting shop. It was pretty pricey but I went ahead and bought some yarn and knitting needles.  It’s time to get my knitting on in Korea!


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