First day teaching

So with a HUGE sigh of relief I am able to say that I successfully survived my first day of elementary school teaching. I had 5 classes of 6th graders! The first class was pretty much a disaster but through trial and error and a bit of tweaking my lesson plan I was able to feel like the classes were getting progressively smoother.

I came to work this morning about 40 minutes early only to find out from my co-teacher that we were not able to turn on the computers because there was a threat of a virus. This was really bad news since I had handouts to print out and copy. The first class, therefore, I just winged it without my presentation and with only a few handouts prepared. I’m looking forward to tomorrow–I think I’ll do a better job.

Tonight I have to give a speech (yikes!) at the welcoming dinner for all the staff members. I’m going to try out the few lines I know in Korean. A big part of me really wants to just go home and take it easy but these types of social gatherings are really important in Korean culture. I have to think “collectively” and not “individually”. I’m still adjusting. Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “First day teaching

  1. So proud of you for powering through!! Things will smooth out as you go, good luck on your speech. I know you’ll do a wonderful job ^-^

    • Awww…thanks, Andie!! Glad you have my back! The speech was short but it went well 🙂 even got to use what little korean I’ve learned…

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