Picking up from where we left off…trip to Osan

Hello blogging world! I’ve been off for the last few days busy with training and starting my new job.  I hope to have time to post soon…Perhaps tomorrow?  As a teaser, I’ll go ahead and post the rest of the pics from our trip to Osan.  I’ll get a gift from Korea to anyone who can guess what we were doing in Osan with specifics:

1) What were we buying?

2) What did it cost? (closest guesstimate)

3) What did we eat?

Two out of three correct guesses gets you a little something from Korea 🙂  In case of a tie, points will be awarded to comments for hilarity and uniqueness…



Steering wheel on the right side...

Leaving Seoul

paying the toll to get into the city of Osan

Real Mexicans cooking Mexican food! Lol...


Early morning in Osan

Yes. Mcdonald's delivers in Korea.

Amanda thinking, "Come to me!!! Come to me!!" Lol...

Roasted corn and mayonnaise--actually was pretty yummy!


7 thoughts on “Picking up from where we left off…trip to Osan

  1. 1) I’m gonna say that you guys were buying the little puppy ^-^ Hoping that, with your new job, Mike will have a friend at home to keep him occupied. And an XBOX Kinect so that in your free time we can play Dance Central ❤

    2) I'm going to say that the puppy was the equivalent to $15 and the Kinect was about $50

    3) You ate mexican food made by REAL mexicans lol and then ordered in for some McFlurries ^-^ Mike got so excited about the little McMotorcycle that he punched out the driver and stole it, driving it until it ran out of gas somewhere in Suwon on his way back to Seoul.

    • Andie is the winner for most creative comments!! We were actually going to Osan with our friend Amanda because she was geting some personalized jackets for her niece and nephew (done in 2-3 hours for about $15-$20) in the states. Andie is there anything you’ve been hankering for in Korea or would you liked to be surprised? Mike and I are sending stuff to you guys at Target in the near future so we’ll send it all together 😉

  2. hey, Andria 🙂 This is Sara!
    you guys looks having so much fun in Korea! Isn’t it Eteawon? the puppy is soooooo cute x_x !!
    i also saw the picture of u guys’ house, it’s so cozy 😀
    Hope you have great time and wanna see you in Korea!

    • Hi Sara! No, it is Osan but it does remind me a lot of Itaewon because there is a base there too. We are having an amazing time. When will you be coming to Korea? Maybe we can meet up 🙂

  3. Can I play too? Or would that be cheating?? LOL

    I didn’t even know you took pics of me.. dang.. I need to be more careful around you!!!

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