Our small (but pretty awesome) apartment

We really lucked out with our place. The teacher I replaced had to take a bus to the school and his place was smaller.  I walk to work in 5 minutes and have an amazing view of the city and the mountains.  The only downside is that the previous tenant was a smoker and so we are going to try and get some plants to help get rid of the smoke smell. Any other suggestions of getting rid of smoke smells are welcome 🙂

Entryway - Closets on left and right, bathroom on left

Bathroom - the school stocked us with t.p. 🙂

Washer/dryer combo

kitchen/dining area-no stand for the microwave yet


kitchen with fridge and freezer to left

Kitchen with fridge and freezer to left. I wonder who took this photo? Lol...



loft area for bed



storage/smoking area


view from our apartment



Little bit bigger than a twin- but still a small bed...



view from the loft



5 thoughts on “Our small (but pretty awesome) apartment

  1. Please tell me Mike picked out the blankets on the bed! lol so cute ^-^

    That looks like an amazing apartment, the view is wonderful. I wish I was there to help you pick out new stuff. Is there a Bed, Bath and Beyond in Seoul? Or some awesome Korean equivalent?

    • Hey Andie! Yeah I like our apartment a lot. My school picked out the bedsheets and stuff. Unfortunately no Bed bath and beyond. We’re going shopping tomorrow with our friend to try and furnish the place. Bedsheets/pillows/pillowcases are pretty expensive here =(

  2. Use candles and open up all the windows (although I am not so sure that you want the putrid smell of Seoul right at your window) and whatever you do… DO NOT MIX CHEMICALS! They are bad for you and make you go bleh, and then you’re like OH NO! and so yeah, it’s just not good.

  3. The place is nice indeed 🙂 I think it’s small for two of you (the bed) but I think you two can adjust to that really well. I think the view of the city is a bonus ^^
    Did you try to use some fresh air spraying? I also think you can try opening the window when you’re home. The trees may be a great help. Rather than that, I cannot think about any other tips. Hope that help!!! Miss you two a lot!!!

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